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The iRex iLiad
The iLiad is an e-Ink based e-reader device developed and sold by iRex. The device runs Linux and there is a developer kit available, allowing third-parties to develop software for the iLiad (see also
I have developed some software for it:

  • The regutils package. This package allows command-line editing of the iLiad's registry. Though it is not very useful for end-users, it facilitates the installation and de-installation of other third-party software packages.
  • The javadjvu viewer adds support for the djvu file format to the iLiad. It was originally developed by Scotty1024, but later abandoned. After the viewer stopped working with the 2.12 firmware update of the iLiad, I decided to adopt it. It now works with the 2.12 firmware version and comes with an installer.